Customer Service Policy

YOTEK Construction PLC is committed to developing close and mutually beneficial working relationships with clients and suppliers.

YOTEK Construction PLC is committed to delivering exceptional customer service by :

  • Providing integrated best value service.
  • Employing high caliber people who understand the importance of customer service.
  • Understanding and meeting each client s requirements and endeavoring to exceed their expectation.
  • Continually striving to improve our services.
  • Expanding our scope of service to meet our customer s changing needs.
  • Being aware of the impacts of our operation on third parties and managing these impacts appropriately.
  • Implementing project-specific communication strategies as and when required.
  • Responding rapidly and effectively to issues and concerns raised by customers, suppliers and third parties.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of all people involved in or affected by our operation is given top priority at all times.
  • Maximizing opportunities to protect and enhance the environment while minimizing any negative impact from our activities or service.
  • Seeking and acting on feedback on our performance and quality of our service.

The achievement of this policy will support our vision . it will be reviewed annually to ensure continual improvement.