Considerate Constructors Policy

YOTEK Construction PLC is committed to delivering quality service, on time and at competitive cost. We understand the significance of presenting a positive image to the communities we work for, and making good impression on residents and members of the public affected by our work.

It is YOTEK Construction PLC policy to:

•     Protect the health and safety of site personnel, visitors and the general public.

•     Respect the needs of sub-contractors, suppliers, site personnel and visitors.

•     Communicate where necessary with neighboring residents and business on programing and activities that might affect the community.

•     Protect the environment during construction by minimizing any negative impact caused by our activities, products and services.

•     Maintain excellent standards, of housekeeping.

•     Ensure our employees and those working on behalf of the company maintain appropriate standards of dress and conduct.

•     Ensure everyone involved in the company s activities and services understands the importance of adhering to this policy.

The achievement of this policy will support our vision .it will be reviewed annually to ensure continual improvement.